The family conditions us. It is our most loved ones who, without knowing it and from early childhood, becomeexamples to follow. It's what happened withJohn Pena, the great source of inspiration for his son, Juan Peña, and who managed to reach Isabel Peña, his granddaughter, at the time of founding Sibela.

Her passion for jewelery was inherited bythesavoir fare of his grandfather, which his father also inherited. The Zaragozanfounded Peña jewelers and dedicated his whole life to a project based on love. Both Duoo and Diamberley have focused on remembering the most special moments of couples who trusted their designs, whether with engagement jewelry or wedding bands.

Illusion, effort and work were the three values that the jeweler relied on toovercome any challenge that could be put in front of him. Something that her granddaughter has taken as an example and puts into practice with Sibela. The great competition in the market or the prices of those who offer lower quality jewelery are some of the challenges of everyday life. But nevertheless the lessons of his grandfather, who also learns from his father, have managed to guide the designer in moments of uncertainty by reinventing themselves and using social networks to have a more direct relationship with their public and attract new clients.

It was Juan who started creating for his wife the jewels with which Isabel would dreamyears later. some creationsinspired by the jewelry box of royal women that the jewelry designer then made for her firm, making it possible for any pocket to access iconic designs without giving up the best quality. I couldn't be happier to have shared with my grandfather what his life was like, learning from him is the greatest privilege”says the designer.

And it is that, regardless of the price of a jewel,it is the memories that make them really valuable pieces. Value that Isabel sees in all of them by reminding her, always but with more reason from now on, of her grandfather. Designing and wearing a ring that could come from the imagination of the person from Zaragoza is alsoa way to keep him in mind every day.

“It makes me happy that he has been able to see that all his effort is rewarded and everything I fight for continues,we still have a long way to go”Elizabeth says.

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