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It was in 1998 when Carrie Bradshaw debuted on the small screen. The designer shoe-loving writer was the one who made we fell in love withsex in new york . Especially from his fabulous wardrobe, which made him become quite a style icon (something that alsoit happened with rachel green).

With the return of the series, we have returned to remember why Carrie's looks leave no one indifferent. And it is that his collection of clothes, but also of accessories is a dream for lovers of the series. If anything characterizes the New Yorker, it is her passion for extravagant pieces .

Hence, high-impact jewelry was as much a feature in her wardrobe as your beloved manolos'’ , Manolo Blahnik's heels. You join us to review some of its most emblematic jewels that continue to set trends todaya?


her engagement ring

Although not part of the series, the engagement ring that Big buys to ask Carrie to become his wife in the movieSex and the City 2It is an unforgettable piece. The jewel wore a 5 kt black diamond made by designer Itay Malkin (also responsible for all the parts of the first film). The piece costs almost 9,000 euros and if Big opts for such a different design, it is to highlight that the writer is unique. In addition, Sarah Jessica Parker herself participated in the creation of the ring. A similar design would be found by the New Yorkerwith the Deep Sea model (56 euros), since its dark blue gem and diamond band make it almost identical to the one in your marriage proposal .

The essential necklace

A great friend of overlays, Carrie has always been passionate about combine pearl necklaces with diamonds for all your plans. So theriver necklace (136 euros) would be one of the first to add to the cart. This jewel has multiple links and each one of them sets a stone, a 2mm gem. Made of 925 silver with rhodium plating, fits perfectly to the neckline . And, the best thing is that the design fits into a party or day-to-day look.


high impact parts
Designs that claim prominence were not lacking in Carrie's jewelry box. Whether it was in accessories such as gigantic floral brooches or statement bracelets or necklaces. In the case of the pendants, we have come up with a model that the New Yorker would fall in love with,the Renda necklace (35 euros). This piece does not go unnoticed thanks to the great blue topaz gem that is surrounded by zircons in light blue. It is made of sterling silver and is plated with 18 kt yellow gold.


versatile earrings
With so much eye-catching jewelry, Carrie's key is to go for earrings that accompany her most impressive designs. Because, discreet designs that add points of elegance , but without ever overloading, they are his favorite choice. Theclassic model (36 euros) by Sibela would be the one that would convince the writer. This design that never goes out of style is made of 925 thousandths of sterling silver with white circular-cut zircons.

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Bracelets to combine
No one better represents the trend ofmix&match like Carrie Bradshaw. When it comes to practicing it with her jewels, she bets so much on necklaces as per bracelets . And if there are Sibela models that we think are perfect for achieving the same effect, they arezirconia bracelets.riviera (96 euros) andCanna (112 euros) are the ones that seem designed to be together. By multiplying the brilliance of its stones by combining both jewels, we get them to become the protagonists of the look .


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