Madre Perla: Luminiscencia del Océano

Mother Pearl: Luminescence of the Ocean

Immerse yourself in the delicate charm of mother-of-pearl with Sibela Studio, highlighting its natural iridescence and its deep connection with the sea. This blog details how mother of pearl, with its soft shine and shifting hues, is meticulously used in our jewelry collections. Discover the subtlety of this gem that evokes calm and connects with the tranquility of the ocean, ideal for those looking for pieces with a touch of elegance and natural serenity.
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Granate: Una Gema de Fuego y Fortaleza en Sibela Studio

Garnet: A Gem of Fire and Strength in Sibela Studio

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of garnet at Sibela Studio, where we explore the diversity and beauty of this fascinating gem. From the deep red of pyrope garnet to the exotic green of tsavorite, each type of garnet brings with it a unique history and symbolism. In this blog, we unravel the mysteries of its hardness, its cultural history, and the reasons why garnet remains a popular choice in contemporary jewelry. Ideal for jewelry enthusiasts looking for pieces with depth and character.
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Ámbar: La Gema que Atrapó el Tiempo

Amber: The Gem that Time Trapped

Relics of the Past at Sibela Studio

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of amber with Sibela Studio, where each piece of jewelry tells an ancestral story encapsulated in resin. This blog unlocks the secrets of amber, from its warm hues and fascinating organic inclusions to its healing properties and historical significance. Discover how this "gem" not only beautifies, but also serves as a bridge between the past and the present. Ideal for those who appreciate history and natural beauty in their jewelry.

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Descubre el Topacio: Un Espectro de Colores y Claridad en Sibela Studio.

Discover Topaz: A Spectrum of Colors and Clarity in Sibela Studio.

Discover at Sibela Studio the charm of topaz, a gem that shines with a spectrum of colors, from serene blues to vibrant oranges. Known for its hardness and durability, topaz not only beautifies with its elegance but also symbolizes loyalty and serenity. In this blog, we explore how Sibela Studio selects the finest topazes to create jewelry that not only adorns, but tells a story of enduring beauty. Join us on a journey through the rich palette and fascinating properties of topaz, and discover why this gem remains a favorite in the world of jewelry.
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Los Rubíes: Piedras Preciosas de Historia y Belleza

Rubies: Precious Stones of History and Beauty

Discover the fascinating world of rubies, the precious stones that have symbolized passion and power through the centuries. In our latest article, we explore the rich history of these treasures from their first mention in ancient texts to their presence in royal jewelry. You will learn about the criteria that determine the quality of a ruby, including its coveted dove's blood red color, the importance of clarity, and the impact of the cut on its final appearance. Immerse yourself in the legacy of rubies and discover why they continue to be one of the most valued gems in the world of fine jewelry.
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Descubre Cómo San Valentín Transforma la Joyería en Símbolo de Afecto Eterno

Discover How Valentine's Day Transforms Jewelry into a Symbol of Eternal Affection

Every February 14 , the world lights up with the glow of love, celebrating Valentine's Day , a date where gestures of affection and romantic declarations take center stage. On...
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Joyería de moda Tendencias de joyería Joyas minimalistas Plata de primera ley Acabados en oro blanco o amarillo Tonos rosados y dorados suaves Colores de moda Formas geométricas Elegancia y sofisticación sibela studio

Fashion trends in jewelry spring 2023: Silver, soft tones and geometric shapes

Sibela Studio presents the fashion trends in jewelry for the season, highlighting the simplicity and delicacy of minimalist jewelry and the popularity of sterling silver with white or yellow gold finishes. She also mentions the soft pink and gold tones and the trending colors of the season, such as coral, bubblegum pink, lime green and magenta, and the popularity of geometric shapes in jewelry. In general, the message is to find jewelry that reflects the personality and style of each person to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

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Viva Magenta’, el color 2023 de Pantone, un tono muy caprichoso.

Long live Magenta', Pantone's color 2023, a very whimsical tone.

As every year, the Pantone Color Institute announces at the end of the year what the color for leave will be , choosing that hue that will represent the spirit of this new year. And, for 2023 , a pink-tinged red called 18-1750 Viva Magenta has been chosen . Together with Digital Lavender, Delicious Red, Sundial, Tranquil Blue and Verdigris are the colors for this 2023. We analyze how these are introduced into the world of jewelry.
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La caricia del hilo rojo que forma la pulsera Áine

The caress of the red thread that forms the Áine bracelet

We have made it possible for a universal symbol to take shape, and thanks to combining it at Sibela Studio with the precious metals with which we work in an...
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La unión hace la fuerza

Union make force

The day has come to tell you that Sibela joins the Bertín Osborne Foundation to pay tribute to the first support group we have in life, the most important, the one that is always there:the family. Sibela collaboration:a charity bracelet.
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Las joyas más significativas de Sibela que debes tener como fondo de armario

The most significant jewels of Sibela that you must have as a wardrobe

We are among those who believe that, when doing a good job, what prioritizes is the feeling, this is how Sibela has created its best pieces.

An elegant and timeless collection , also pouring out the affection we feel towards the people we most admire.

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Reemplazamos la eternidad a golpe de raqueta

We replace eternity with the stroke of a racket

The Riviere bracelet in We have already defined Sibela as an essential in all jewelers , a piece with a simple, delicate style and I am sure that among your group of friends there is already at least one who has it.

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