Grandmother-inspired jewelry for your granddaughters


That it is possible to advance by looking at the past is something that Isabel Peña has verified. As the fourth generation of one of the most important jewelery families in the country, he wanted his creative vision to focus on paying tribute to the women in his life, the same women who have inspired his passion. With the Sibela name , the jeweler creates a new brand that combines the letters of her own name and that of her mother, María Isabel. But also that of his great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother.
Two very emotional reasons lie behind this decision. The first, remembering your family legacy. The second is to celebrate your mother's role in your professional development. And she was - like most mothers - her first influencer. ' Since she was little, Isabel went to her mother's jewelry box to put on the pieces that she saw the most important woman in her life wear. That gesture that we have all made at some time, became one of his sources of ideas.
Her grandfather and father, who made those pieces that Isabel would find in her family jewelers come true, make them doubly magical. Thus closes the circle of a legacy in which his entire family was involved, they created the spectacular pieces and they wore them passing them from generation to generation.
Hence, that crossing between her current tastes and the accessories that belonged to her mother, whether new or inherited, was born Sibela, a point of union between the tastes of mothers and daughters -or even grandmothers-, who resist the passage of the trends thanks to its aesthetics and high quality.
Today, in Isabel's jewelry box, the jewels of her grandmothers from more than a hundred years ago, designed by her grandfather and her father, are mixed with creations that she has made herself. Because it is that elegant and timeless line that he has wanted to reflect in the designs, also pouring out the affection he feels towards the people he most admires in his family.
The best example is the Deep Sea ring, a piece that connects with her grandmother's collection. She had a ring with a very large stone in blue surrounded by white diamonds, like Lady Di's. Being small, they did not let her wear it, so the jeweler created her own version. After recreating her family's design, she made it possible for other women to feel that connection with iconic jewelry.s.
After becoming one of the favorite pieces for her clients, Isabel continues to be inspired by the taste of the women in her family. In fact, in the next collection, there will be another design for which her grandmother served as inspiration, a ring with a vocation as a best seller.
As a fourth generation, Isabel is aware of the importance of adapting to new times while maintaining the essence of her family. Jewelry has changed. Before you only had one ring for life. Now you want jewelry that reminds you of those special occasions in which they have been given to you, says the jeweler.a.
Being so present in social networks, he knows first-hand the feed back of his clients. Connected with what they want, she knows the secret to making her creations a success. And it goes through combining the majesty of the great jewels of generations ago with a modern twist that allows them to be perfect to wear both on special occasions and on a daily basis.