As is tradition, in December Pantone -the company specialized in color-, chooses a tonality that will representthe spirit of the new year. And, by 2022, it has been the Very Peri the chosen one. a violet color that will color everything around us, including, of course, our jewelry.


That mix between blue fused with a purplish red we love it for several reasons, the first is that feel great , since it favors both blondes and brunettes. Plus, goes with everything . It works with neutral colors such as black, white or beige, but it can also be used to make striking combinations if mixed with red or green. The test We have signed ours pendants, rings and earrings by SIBELA in Very Peri and they couldn't seem more versatile.


At the top of the list is the accessory that shows that violet serves as an excuse to take out our brightly colored garments from the closet. And it is that thesaba necklace (48 38.40 euros) has several cut gemsbaguette among which are the violet ones. This gold-plated design can accompany an everyday look to add style points to any basic or be the final brooch of a party dress , for example.


Being one of the most original colors in the palette, the purple stone of theviolett ring (66 euros) also reminds us of the strength and inspiration of theVery Peri. for whoever is looking a high impact ring , this plugin will be the best choice as it automatically converts to protagonist of any style .


The best way to counteract low temperatures is with a good dose of warm colors in the accessories. And that's what happens with thetime ring (58 37.70 euros), which has stones set in carvingbaguette combining white, green, champagne, red, pink orVery Peri. It is proof that the color block -combining shades that are opposite in the color palette- continues to be a trend that we will see this year.


There are SIBELA complements that achieve make us feel real princesses (one of the objectives of the creator of the firm when designing). It is the case of the fabulousperseid ring (66 euros), which unites four rings with white zircons set where the round cut gems where the violet stands out . And although it can be worn in a plan with friends or even to the office, our advice is that you leave it for the night, where it will be done with all eyes.


Partygoers will be able to bring their passion for the color violet in theDracaena earrings (66 euros). Because we can't think of a better occasion to show off this design than on a special date. In addition, the multicolored stones allow you to show off the model with a dress, also inVery Peri, or that it is the touch of color if you bet on a basic of the most sophisticated wardrobe as it is thelittle black dress .


And it is that the XL earrings They will continue to be one of the jewelry trends of 2022 along with the color violet. For that reason, the design that combines the best of both worlds, theErase earrings(88 euros). Impossible to go unnoticed with this daring and original game that combines endless colored gems. In addition, it is the kind of design that has the superpower of giving it the elegant touch to a knitted dress or to accompany any two-piece suit if you are looking for a more elegant look.chic.



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