Size Guide - How to Measure Rings

  • Prepare the materials : Get a flexible tape measure or a soft thread and a millimeter ruler to take the measurements.

  • Wrap the string or ribbon around your finger: Take the string or ribbon and wrap it around the finger you want to wear the ring on. Make sure it is snug but comfortable . Don't make it too tight or leave it too loose.
  • Mark the meeting point: Once you have found the right fit, mark the point where the end of the thread or ribbon meets the beginning part. You can make a small mark with a pencil or cut the thread if necessary.
  • Remove the thread or tape from the finger : Carefully remove the thread or tape from the finger without disturbing the mark you made at the point of attachment.

  • Measure the length of the thread or ribbon: Lay the thread or ribbon on a flat surface and stretch gently. Take the millimeter ruler and place it next to the thread or tape. Read the length from the beginning end to the mark you made at the meeting point. Be sure to read the measurement in millimeters accurately.

  • Consult the ring size conversion table: Consult the ring size conversion table that we leave you below. These tables relate the lengths in cm with the corresponding ring sizes. Look up the measurement you got and find the corresponding ring size.


Size Guide - How to Measure Bracelets

Measuring your wrist to find the perfect bracelet is easy and simple. Follow these steps to get the accurate measurement:

  • Take a flexible cord or ribbon and wrap it around your wrist loosely.

  • Join the two vertices of the lace to form a circle around your wrist.

  • Carefully cut the cord where it meets.

  • Place the string on a ruler and note the length in centimeters (cm).

  • On our website, all bracelet measurements are in centimeters (cm). Select the size that is closest to yours to find the ideal bracelet that perfectly fits your style and personality.

Here is an example to guide you:


Remember that our bracelets are designed with love and care, and we want each one to tell a unique story. Find the bracelet that complements your inner and outer beauty, and that accompanies you in every special moment of your life.

If you need help or have any questions about sizing or our products, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to provide you with personalized assistance so that you can find the bracelet of your dreams.