¿Tennis or Riviere Bracelet? It is one of your favorites from Sibela and protagonist of the previous blog“what about rhodium”.

Seeing its design, that name would never have occurred to us, right.?.

In Sibela We have already defined it as a essential in all jewelers , a piece with a simple, delicate style and I am sure that among your group of friends there is already at least one who has it.


I come to tell you why it receives the name of tennis.

Chris Evert, a former professional tennis player who played in the 70s, has a lot to do with this story.

This wrist was created for swear eternity . It has a special design in which it is not possible to know where the beginning and the end are, hence the name of eternity bracelet 

But here comes the story you're waiting for,Chris Evert , one of the best tennis players in history if not the best, was in love with these eternity bracelets . Chris used them very often, even during tennis matches he could be seen with it, it was perhaps his amulet? 


During a US Open match in 1978, the bracelet clasp by Chris it broke in a blow and at that moment the diamond bracelet was thrown, losing itself on the track. Without hesitation Chris asked to suspend the game until his match was found. wrist . After finding her with the game stopped, she called her my tennis bracelet ''.

From that day on, the bracelet is known as a tennis bracelet.

We have met many tennis celebrities, like Chris who use these bracelets, like Serena Williams.
But it's not the single piece of which we count in Sibela with which we have seen Chris Evert. Also, in one of her matches, we have been able to see her with a cross pendant as thecroix cross, in 1st law silver 925 thousandths finished with a rhodium bath.
Isabel Peña