you know that Sibela comes from a great tradition and this month makes us sensitive, as in many families the covi-19 took its toll.

We are among those who believe that, when doing a good job, what prioritizes is the feeling, this is how in Sibela they have created his best pieces.

A elegant and timeless collection , also pouring out the affection we feel towards the people we most admire.


And it is to have a good wardrobe background It is essential for those days when the rush overwhelms you and you don't have your look thought out. We bring you a selection of pieces that will end up complete your wardrobe , with a junction point between traditional and current , but above all for any type of look.


created in 1st law silver 925 thousandths , finished with a rhodium plating. In the center we find the main gem, in an oval size of 10 x 13 in a sapphire blue tone held by four claws on the sides we see white zircons set in brilliant cut.

depp sea is the living image of the temporary and it is that there are more and more marriage proposals with sapphires, emeralds everything returns.e”.





Your first impression is of a simple, elegant and timeless jewel one of those pieces that has no age. Did you know that it is named after evoke the lights of the French Riviera at night .

created in sterling silver 925 thousandths finished with a rhodium plating, each setting sets a zirconia on four circular cut claws, there are 4 mm and 2 mm.

a unique gem , each piece that makes up thereviere bracelet it is created independently, that is to say melted, set, reviewed one by one. The process of joining all the pieces that make up the bracelet is very complex since it requires a perfect union.

Since we are not going to consider it the top one, it is not to take it away.





Its own name indicates it and it is that yes or if you have to have them in your jewelry box , what is better to go comfortable on a daily basis , go to a dinner with friends or a day of tourism.

 A complement that is perfect to achieve the sophisticated point in a casual look and stop eating your head.

Made in 1st law silver 925 thousandths Finished with a rhodium plating, its 6 mm circular cut central gem takes center stage surrounded by small brilliant cut gems.

We have seen it both on catwalks and in royalty and it is not only us who say it, we have all opted for them at some time.





The elegance that a white well carved stone we don't get it with nothing and we are sure of that, reminding ourselves of the Vendome ring . This I exist ring that has become indispensable after seeing it in the hands of the great celebrities, influencers and models such as The Kardasian, Hailie Bieber, Alice Campello, Beyoncé, Olivia Palermo, Chiara Ferragni, is made in 1st law silver 925 thousandths finished with a rhodium plating, covered with 4mm square cut white zircons set by four claws.

As they have not taught they are the Perfect complement to continue adding points to our look.



Isabel Peña