A couple of weeks ago we received acomment on instagram, what he came to say was that how could we useRhodium inour pieces If it was a toxic material, imagine our astonished faces when we think that someone might think that we sell something that is harmful to people.


We have to say that not everything we read is true.

In the end, someone who is not immersed in this world may not have their own experiences to be able to draw their own conclusion and in this blog we want to explain a little about what therhodium plating. It is a finish that we at Sibela use in many of ourwhite finished jewelry.

Rhodium is a more expensive precious metal than gold and silver and is used to plated silver and gold pieces with a white finish. Anrhodium plating It is an increasingly popular techniqueused in jewelry with which we managed to whitenthe pieces and make them shine in a very special way. This material is perfect for people who suffer from allergies since it is one of the materials that causes fewer allergies.



But we get into swampy ground and focus on what we are all thinking when reading the introduction: Rhodium is a toxic materialo?
Yes, rhodium is a toxic material, but only if it is used asbase material to create a jewel. For this reason it is only used to give it the final finish and just as gold or silver oxidizes, therhodium is much more resistant and makes the piece stay like new much longer.
We achieve the final rhodium finish by immersing the piece in a chemical solution with small rhodium grains and, through an electrolytic process, the rhodium microparticles adhere to the submerged jewel, forming a layer.
All these processes are certified by a laboratory that certifies their quality.

Isabel Peña