• ¿What is the Bertín Osbone Foundation? 

      Supporting families of people with disabilities, whatever their difficulty and stage of life, is the goal that the Bertin Osborne Foundation has set for itself since it was founded a decade ago.a.

      The mission of the foundation is to generate and promote well-being in the families of people with disabilities through information, training and psychological guidance, providing tools that improve the family climate so that it has a positive impact on the child with a disability.

      To meet their objectives, they have created +Family, a comprehensive and free help and advice service so that families of people with disabilities feel informed and accompanied in their day-to-day life. If you want to know more, visit their website , download the +Family App or call +34 659 37 17 96.


      • ¿What is Sibela? 

      Sibela appeared a year and a half ago at the hands of Isabel Peña, as the fourth generation of one of the most important jewelery families in the country, she wanted her creative vision to focus on paying tribute to the women in her life, the same ones who have inspired his passion.

      Creating an elegant and timeless line that is reflected in the designs, pieces made with noble materials offering the best qualities that are now on the market at affordable and fair prices.

      Sibela continues to trust in artisan manufacturing in Spain, but at the same time knows the importance of adapting to new times, while always maintaining the essence of her family.

      If you want to know more aboutour history we tell youhere


      • Bracelets

      The bracelets of the collaboration of Sibela Studio with the Bertín Osborne Foundation They are designed by Sibela Studio exclusively for the foundation based on its history and the objective we want to achieve.

      They are made with noble materials, 1st law silver 925 thousandths finished with a 18k yellow gold or rhodium plating.

      The gems that make up the bracelet are olivine green zirconia +AAA quality. The cotton rope that surrounds the links closing the bracelet in orange, red or blue has a 1mm thickness and 8-knot snake closure. 

      Made in Spain

      pulseras- colaboracion- bertin-osborne-sibela
      • History of the bracelet

      The union is strength and we want pay homage to the first support group we have in life, the most important, the one that is always there: the family that surrounds you

      The links represent that strength given to us by parents, siblings or other members of our family... But they are also the sign of the foundation support and its professionals to the families that need it most.

      Among all, intertwined, we can be there for those families of children with disabilities.

      The bracelets help to raise awareness of the foundation's work and how the union that we represent in the links , makes us draw strength.


      • Objective of the collaboration

      Our objective is to raise awareness of the i Importance of having a support network and help more families with part of the profits from Sibela's latest collaboration: a charity bracelet.

      Sibela fully donates all profits of the bracelet to the Bertín Osbone foundation.

      The bracelets help to raise awareness about work of the foundation and raise funds, money What's up? earmarked for the +Family project , specifically aimed at doctors, lawyers and all kinds of professionals who manage to attend, give advice and inform about the help that can be received and, above all, accompany them on a day-to-day basis.

      Any questions you can write to us at



      • gold bath 

      The techniques of gold plating are different methods used to deposit a layer of gold envelope the surface of the silver in 1st law 925 thousandths, these baths are made by chemical or electrochemical processes.

      The gold layer is measured by microns, the more microns the more quality the piece has, the best quality offered on the market is the vermeil bath . a bathroom that deposits 3 microns thick  of gold on the silver piece, this guarantees a longer duration of the golden color, although this will always depend on the use you give them.


      • Rhodium plating.

      Rhodium is a platinum group metal , very rare, very white and very wear resistant Although it may surprise you, rhodium is one of the most expensive metals in the world due to its scarcity, the price of rhodium is much higher than that of gold or platinum.

      In high jewelry is mainly used to give a final bath to all the pieces made of white gold, so any jewel that has a bath of this metal will have a very white color, will shine more and will remain unchanged to corrosion.

      Sibela applies the rhodium plating on the blue link bracelet with a white final finish.