This Tuesday started the year of the water tiger . An animal that, according to the Chinese horoscope, is a symbol of strength and courage . Attracting good luck during the stage that belongs to this sign involves finding accessories in gold, the quintessential color of good fortune. And, from Sibela we have searched for what are the accessories that remind us of the feline and can serve asamulet east 2022.
The tiger's fur yellow, orange, black or white , forms the color palette that has inspired us when it comes to finding the earrings, rings and necklaces to attract fortune. A series of pieces that by reminding us of the animal of the Chinese horoscope, we can relate to self-confidence and courage when making the decisions that will come this year.
And it is that according to studies, the look influences us when it comes to strengthen our self-esteem . For that reason, accessories cannot be missing as the final touch of any combination.
¿You accompany us to discover the jewelsMade in Spain that will make you feel more powerful than ever If while you read us, you put on Roar by Katy Perry deep down, you'll know what we're talking about.

Orange color means transformation According to Indian culture, one of the countries where more Bengal tigers live. with the earringsObelia in orange (22 euros) you can reflect the joy, courage and passion that will accompany you this year. A design made of 925 thousandth sterling silver and finished with an 18-carat yellow gold plating covered by enamel on the part of the link.


also the ringorange tortoiseshell (32 euros) takes us on a trip to the Asian country, as well as to Bangladeshi , another of the places where the feline is found. This jewel has a yellow gold finish and on it, u n orange enamel with semi-precious stones in white that will fill your hands with light and color.


the elegance they have the movements of the tiger reminds us of earringsSaône (42 euros). This sophisticated design is made of 925 thousandth 1st Law silver, with an 18 kt yellow gold plating and a polished finish. They are the perfect complement with which add style points to any mix .


The magnetic gaze of the tiger automatically transfers us to the ringjaws (86 euros). One of our most striking designs never goes unnoticed. It is made of 925 thousandth sterling silver and has an 18 kt yellow gold finish. Although they are the white zircons those that remind us of the eyes of the feline.


colorful tropical jungles or exotic mangroves form the habitat of the tiger. Two places where the multicolored necklaceSaba (48 euros) could blend in with the vegetation. Carve semi-precious stonesbaguette in seven colors and is the ideal accessory to put the fun touch to any look .


the colored stones are characteristic of Indian jewelry. For that reason, the design of the earringsJuliet(98 euros) also makes us travel to the home of the tiger. Its majestic and refined stones carved in the shape of teardrops of sapphire Ychampagne, they are embedded one in front of the other becoming the center of all eyes.


The White tiger It is a rare species that fascinates with its black and white fur, like the ringBlack&White (52 euros). This design has zircons in both colors set, which make it a classic essential in your jewelry box , which never goes out of style.

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