Today, and more with the return of the trends of the 90s, everything that Rachel green looked on his adventures with his friends, he has become fashion goals for fashionistas . Reviewing its most iconic combinations, its strategy when it comes to betting on accessories is very clear. No excessive jewelry , overloaded mixes or awkward pieces, but a minimalist jewelry It works both for your workdays at the Central Perk coffee shop and for any special appointment.


Very fine chains with pendantssmall, others with stones set are models that we have seen countless times on the small screen. In addition, on many occasions, some rings they completed the composition, as is the case of a ring with diamonds and another with a green stone.


The earrings cannot be missing either in the jewelry box of Monica and Phoebe's best friend. What's more, a collection of earrings with stones are the designs that Rachel has worn most often throughout the seasons ofFriends. Although, if we have to stay with a model as the favorite, they would be the little hoops the chosen ones. This model not only never goes out of style, but also works to give a sophisticated touch to a wool sweater as well as to accompany the most special dress in the closet.


Give with versions of your favorite jewelry It is something we have been able to do by reviewing our designs. And it is that far from creating pieces that are outdated as soon as a new season arrives, Sibela's creations They seek to become those essentials that, due to their good quality, accompany us all our lives and work with all kinds of looks (just what I would like a Rachel Green from 2021 in his busy life in New York).


For that reason, in your jeweler you would not missthe lucky necklace, which in addition to being a simple gold-plated sterling silver chain, includes small arrow-shaped zircons. The best of charms for Rachel. And, for high occasions, it would be the duchess necklace the one that would best combine with any of her long dresses (yes, even the pink she wore as a bridesmaid).



Its two essential rings, one with diamonds and the other with a colored stone, would be the Vendome model and theAlligator. Two accessories with which I would get that sophisticated point that was not lacking even so. in its most casual combinations .


And, to finish the collection, they are two models of earrings which we would also include in your jewelry box. Her love for colored stone designs would lead Rachel directly to add to her cartthe Indian model. With white, green and blue gems, this game gets become the center of attention of any style.


For the rest of the occasions -and as a pair of earrings was never missing either in his collection of looks- they would beDaisy earrings the last to join. These zirconia encrusted hoops are so essential for being a basic model , as surprising by the turn of the stones, since they add elegance points to any combination.



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