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The thrill of Christmashe always approaches us at the end of the year. But this year, the desire is more urgent than ever. After spending New Year's Eve 2020 in a very simple way due to the restrictions, the parties return through the big door . And our illusion with them. For that reason,Mangata, the new SIBELA collection focuses on the celebrations, which, after that year of hiatus ’now ask us to live them like it was the first time .


For this reason, next December 31 will be -one way or another-, the first New Year's Eve the rest of our lives. The brightness that characterizes one of the most special nights of the year, the relationship of the color gold with luck -We cannot forget that gold is an amulet for many cultures-, the illusion to start over and, of course, the desire to attract attention and not want to go unnoticed, are some of the elements and sensations that Isabel Pena has managed to capture in his new creations.


A party capsule jewelry box


Following his creative line of designing basics that never go out of style, this time he has created the party capsule collection . Seven essential pieces that make up the party jewelry box that we should all have. The golden colors and the bright ones predominate in this spectacular proposal. A selection that combines new designs with jewelry that the firm's fans had requested to match models from previous collections.


Rings with volumes, forms that deceive the eye or stones with original shapes Rarely seen in jewelry are some of the elements that make, wearing these accessories, every look becomes the center of attention.


Once again, the influence of the women in the designer's family plays a fundamental role in Sibela's creations. There are pieces inspired by your grandmother's jewelry box that Isabel inherited. Modernize them to adjust them to current tastes and to be able to be both on special occasions such as everyday , is another of the objectives that it has met.


The ring of the divas

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As for the jewelry with a history behind it, it should be noted that one of the rings would have a direct relationship with Beyoncé AND Audrey Hepburn!n! The Macaronis ring It is a piece with an original yellow semi-precious stone that is inspired by the Tiffany’s yellow blood diamond that the singer ofSingle Ladies like the mythical actress. And it is that SIBELA remains in its purpose of bringing the most iconic jewelry to all women without sacrificing quality or elegance, with artisan methods and made in Spain.


With these designs, celebratory feelings they will be on the surface twice. A joy that is reflected in the accessories, making enjoyment not start at the moment of the party, but much earlier. Specifically when you have to prepare and play choose which jewel to wear. Feeling the illusion and the butterflies in the stomach of the special appointment (and the look that will accompany it), as if it were the first time we went to a party.

Isabel Peña