When you move to another city, there is something that should always accompany you: your personal style . It's a lesson we've learned fromEmily in Paris, where, no matter how much you live in the city of one of the most mediatic Fashion Weeks, Emily Cooper does not give up its characteristic taste. His closet, halfway between the french girls styling and flashy mixesmade in USA, serves as an inspiration to all fans of the series.


luxury brands like Elie Saab, Valentino or Escada (not forgetting a large collection of clothing Zara ) they are the protagonists of their combinations. Designs that she uses both to go to the office and to have a date with her friends or a romantic night in Paris. But what is not lacking in the wardrobe of the American is a jeweler with which he complements his mixtures so that they are perfect.


All onemaster class of style is what we can receive from her looks in which she teaches us how to put the finishing touch to any combination . Studying his mixtures throughout the series, we have found the jewels that define Emily's taste in her Parisian adventure and how you combine them. you want to discover thems?


The classic hoops, an XL model in gold, they are part of the advertiser's basic capsule. Emily's philosophy seems clear: use them with a very simple makeup -remember that this type of jewelery produces an effect highlighter' by bringing light to your face- and combining striking garments in striking colors such as red or with a geometric print.


(TheVelvet earrings of Sibela cost 29.92 euros)


An articulated necklace as a crown was one of the most applauded surprises of the first season of the series. With a look that looks good inspired by Audrey Hepburn herself , Emily combines a black dress with the accessory as a headdress giving a glamorous touch to her updosleek.


(Rivier, the articulated necklace of Sibela costs 136 euros)


more is more it seems Emily's philosophy in her new stage. His bets encourage us to lose the fear of overloaded looks. An example is the combination of top high-impact kimono print and long earrings. Impossible to go unnoticed.


(TheMiskito long earrings cost 31.50 euros)


For day to day, however, they are the mini accessories those who predominate in the most routine elections. Small earrings, thin rings or chains with discreet pendants they give us an idea of what are the basics that we have to have in the jewelry box for any occasion.

blog-sibela-anillo-maui-oro-amarillo(maui ring, on sale for 17.60 euros at Sibela)


diamond earringsIt is the predilection that the protagonists of our favorite series seem to have. As well Carrie Bradshaw wore this type of accessories in Sex and the City. Emily does the same by combining them with other accessories that attract the attention of all eyes.

sibela-blog-chaton-pendientes-oro-blanco(The functionalChaton earrings they cost 22 euros)

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