Little left for him starting gun, and the months begin weddings, baptisms, communions, end of races and a long etc that we deserve to celebrate after the years we have been..

 When we have an important event, the look we plan it weeks in advance, and that day nothing can go wrong. You have to think that the photos will stay there forever. How difficult it is, once we have the dress, to choose the perfect complements Oh, the accessories.

Yes long or short earrings depending on whether you wear your hair down or up, which bracelets or necklaces , what if the combination of rings or tones in the stones , that if the finish of the jewels, in yellow, pink, white gold and all this without forgetting without forgetting everything must combine with the bag and the shoes. Did you know that it is one of the most important elections when completing a look 

If you have also felt this, pay attention, this interests you. There are two types of people: those who break their heads thinking what finish (rose gold, white, yellow or black) they will do better, or those who have it clear and only use one color.

In principle, it can be thought that all the jewerly are made for All the women , but it's not like that.  Although the jewels have no size (except rings), what you get right varies from many things: the tone of your skin, the color of your hair, the shape of your face and hands


¿You don't know what color yours is Then this interests you..


The first thing you have to do is discover your skin tone : cold, warm or neutral, but be careful, not all light skins are cold, nor are all dark skins warm, is the hue what will determine the color of your skin .

The easiest way is to look at your wrist veins in broad daylight. If you see a bluish or purplish hue is that your skin has a cool tint, if we add to this light skin and light eyes, whether they are blue or light brown, stay away from the pink gold, the only thing you will do is accentuate the pink tones of your skin. yellow gold It is also not the best option since it can turn off your skin.

But he woe he White gold , here you have succeeded. This finish will only add extra points, it will make your skin look bright and radiant. Even if you have dark hair and a cool hue, go for the white finish.


In this case theriver bracelet or thecaliche ring, they are perfect

On the contrary, if your veins tend to green, you are within the warm tones , the gold is your color !

The jewels in gold and pink tones They complement your color making you look brighter and brighter.

 If you have blonde hair with chocolate eyes, the pink gold you can't do better. On the contrary, if your hair is dark and the eyes accompany it, the Yellow gold is your ally, and if you combine it with white pearls you will never fail.

dorado-color cálido-joyas-sibela-instagram

We combine thelily earrings with thejaws ring

Finally, we will talk about the neutral skins. Luck of these skins is that all finishes are perfect, whether pink, yellow, white or black. All of them will highlight the brightness of your tone , the only advice we give them is not to bet on the stones with very bright colors , they are very neutral.

 piel neutra-joyas-sibela-combinalas-segun-tu-tono-de-piel

If you still don't have it clear, bet on these stones I know what they are insurance to combine with any style and with any look or skin tone. White cubic zirconia, rose quartz, tourmaline, amethyst, blue sapphire, mother of pearl and aquamarine.




Isabel Peña