New Year's resolutions, the twelve grapes that accompany the chimes, wearing something red Following some of those traditions is our way of inaugurating 2022 attracting luck . But not only on the last night of the year we can trust these amulets, which are already part of our customs. There are a number of figures, colors or even metals which are also considered amulets.


Gold is one of the materials that has always been related to wealth, prosperity and success. Due to its brightness and value, it has been one of the most valued in most cultures and was used as an accessory or to decorate. The custom of wearing it as a complement is something that continues to this day. The updated version of this amulet also includes gold-plated silver jewelry. Any adornment of this color, on rings, earrings or necklaces is perfect if you want to attract luck.


Shapes whose meaning also protects or attracts positive energies are also essential in most women's jewelers. Hence, there are even celebrities from all over the world who make accessories their charms such as Gigi Hadid, Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle .


“New year, new life, goes the famous saying. And we encourage you to put it into practice for the next 365 days with SIBELA jewels that will always attract good luck. Amulets that you can take with you and that represent protection or good fortune messages or concepts .

collar lira sibela


The Lyra necklaceFor example, it wears a compass rose with four black zircons set on its bezel. This symbol, so linked to navigation, has a very special meaning. When used to orient oneself, it is an element that is considered of the luck among boaters , since it allowed them to arrive safely at their destination. To this day, and used universally, the compass rose represents the ways of the life -the right ones and the wrong ones-, while the north symbolizes destiny. An accessory with which to get where we want safely.

pendientes star sibela

TheStar earrings, In the shape of a six-pointed star, they are also part of the list of jewels with which to welcome the new year. This figure, representing harmony, is said to attract positive energy and is a protective talisman against negativity . In addition to good luck, it is also used for good health, so they are the perfect accessories to wear every day.

pendientes oblelia verdes

One of the luckiest colors' is green, which is why the list of SIBELA charms cannot be missing Obelia earringsin this tonality. It is the one that most represents luck due to its relationship with the clover, which is also of this color. Prosperity, hope and inspiration are other qualities attributed to it.

anillo geminadas sibela

If we are looking for a symbol that can be related to attracting love in 2022, that would be the infinity that appears in theGeminids ring. The original figure of this accessory symbolizes the beginning and the end, past and present. From an emotional point of view, giving it to a loved one represents that eternal feeling of love, togetherness and trust .

pulsera canna sibela

Flowers have also always been used to send messages since they form their own language. And it is an amulet that can be found in theCanna bracelet. In the case of this accessory, they serve as inspiration by forming decorative elements. Canna bears small brilliant flowers as links. A detail that can mean love, joy or friendship , so they are the ideal gift for a mother or a good friend.


 anillo jaws

Finally, and since we are talking about changing the year, there is no element that better reflects renewal than the wave. This force of nature is also a good luck charm by representing the continuity and the ups and downs of life . For that reason, and for those who are looking for a jewel that symbolizes the lowest moments in life -perfect to gain momentum- followed by the highest,the Jaws ring it is perfect. Made in sterling silver, it is finished in 18 kt yellow gold and decorated with white zircons.


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