¿What comes to mind when you hear the word vulnerability??
When you look for an answer in society, in your close circle, the different points of view that are found as an answer are very interesting. Most define it as weakness, but there is a small percentage that is sure to interpret it and define it as courage. Two very extreme views True?
But everyone agreed on one thing, in the face of weakness is the family and that without family there is no strength and courage.
That is why the day has come to tell you that Sibela joins the Bertín Osborne Foundation to pay tribute to the first support group we have in life, the most important, the one that is always there: the family . And not only the blood family, but the family that you have been building with your growth over the years; that friend who never lets go of your hand, that cousin who, without being by blood, has shown you day after day, or that friend whom your children call uncle, all those who show you that they are your family.. 
Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of having a support network and help more families with the benefits of Sibela's latest collaboration: a charity bracelet.
Its design is loaded with meaning: the links represent that fortress that parents, siblings, other members of our family give us... But they are also a sign of the support of the foundation and its professionals with the most needy families. Among all, intertwined, we can be there for those families of boys and girls who need our help.
Bracelets they help raise awareness of the foundation's work, specifically +FAMILY, and raise funds.
Thanks to donations, doctors, lawyers and all kinds of professionals manage to assist, give advice, inform about the help that can be received and, above all, accompany them on a day-to-day basis.
Isabel Peña