Although it seems like yesterday that this whole project began, there is a long way to go. By the month of March 2019 the first ideas on paper began ... and almost 1 year and 7 months later, on October 1, 2020, you met him.

To know the origin ofD’lux, first you have to know my history and that of my family. I am the 4th generation of ajewelers family. Since I was little I have observed how jewelry has been changing, how my family strengthened all the means they had to give their best. The process ofproduction of a jewel It is not easy or fast, and I have grown up with it.

fabrica Dlujo

When I decided to tell my family that I wanted to continue this tradition, it was a decisive moment, since I knew that I was beginning a path of improvement and evolution in a not easy time for the jewelery sector. My goal was, and is, to bet on theyouth offering aoutstanding price quality, transmit with each designexclusivity, tradition and elegance. All this in a jewel that will accompany whoever wears it throughout their life. As tradition indicates, and never better said, passingfrom generation to generation.

My first piece was a ring, as I am passionate about rings. I started with the one you know now as“DEEP SEA”, and it was not easy at all, I had been thinking about the perfect, feminine and simple piece for a long time. After severaljewelry design courses and hours in front of the computer, I managed to come up with my idea, the one that I had captured so many times on paper and finally it was time to make the prototype in 3D. You do not know what moment of happiness.

Once I managed to express what I wanted, we started with the production:cork mold, wax tree, foundry, bath, stone selection, polished… once I had the piece in my hands, you cannot imagine what a feeling of satisfaction and joy I had that day.

This small paragraph that you have just read, for me they were 8 months full of joys, tears, frustrations, disappointments, learnings, steps forward and steps back. When you surround yourself with great professionals, you realize that you have a lot to learn, that it is not just an idea on paper that magically becomes something tangible.

Anillo Deep Sea


After all that time, marked by self-improvement, I learned that all thosevalues that I had learned during the process had tocharacterize the brand.

But my only path in this project was not theJewel Design. The product alone does not make a mark. New challenges opened before me to explore as thewebsite,positioning,Photography,stone study… But we will talk about this another day. Thank you for joining me on this adventure.



Isabel Peña