Jewelry may be a mere banal and superficial accessory for many, but it can hold many other hidden meanings.

In addition to the meaning of gems, their colors and the energies they transmit (we will tell you very soon), metaphors can also be found in the way jewels are designed.


Our CUBA ring, in Sterling Silver 925 thousandths and bathed in 18 karat yellow gold, presents a series of gems in line (zircons and spinels in the colors of the rainbow) that represent the shape of a crown.

There is an old story called THE KING'S RING (you can read it in full at that tells how a servant of the king gave a message to his monarch and hid it in his ring for those moments of difficulty and stress in which he does not know how to react. The king, in a battle, and seeing everything lost, read the message that read This also will pass. The king took the message as a rush of euphoria, advanced with his army, and won the battle. On his return to the palace, in full euphoria, he thanked the servant for his words. However, the servant, from complete tranquility, answered him to read the message again. The king, elated, said that he was no longer serving as he had achieved his goal. The servant made him understand that both good and bad are transitory. Everything, in the end, also happens.a.

 The king's ring symbolizes the temperance, peace and tranquility that we long for. Tantola acceptance as the temperance They are fundamental for our emotional well-being, they think from the Strategic Psychology portal..

 When it comes to wearing your CUBA ring, remember these words. This too shall pass. Do not cling to the bad and good in life, seek peace in small things and relativize those negative. Temperance is around the corner.a.  



Isabel Peña