You know that we all have a stone or a stone carving that gives us energy for our days, keep reading and we will tell you which one is yours.

The signs of the zodiac represent each of us, twelve different personalities, and here at Dlujo, we know what your stone carving is..

 Precious gems have a special energy, formerly they were used to protect us from evil, a wonder that nature provides us. They transmit their energy transformed into magic to us, that is why it is normal that you feel especially attracted to one. Giving your soulmate a little magic is a good option to enhance the best of her. And what better than a unique ring designed by Dlujo..



December 22 to January 21,

Their personality is marked by their tenacity and perseverance, self-confidence predominates. Within their work they are responsible, tenacious and willing to carry out their projects until they achieve their goal. They love music and disconnect in nature.

Its stone is onyx due to its intense black color and its strength, they seek comfort so the alliance cannot be missing in any lookBlack & amp; White,Sterling silver finished with a rhodium plating, perfect to bring the strength and impulse to that energy of the Capricorn.

black white


 July 23 to August 23,

They give off vitality, they are perfectionists, they are sure of themselves and what they do. At work they are very perfectionists and do not like to leave anything to do, they love triumph and elegance.

Without any doubt its stone is the diamond or white, luxurious and exclusive zirconia. If you are Leo, do not hesitate, the ring Klaus, 1 st sterling silver has a 3 micron thickness 18 kt yellow gold bath where an oval cut white stone stands out, it will enhance all your inner strength.



June 22 to July 22

Their best weapon is sensitivity, they are very protective of their privacy and find it difficult to open up to others, they are guided by their intuition and they know when to withdraw in time. Their imagination knows no boundaries, but slow and steady work is the basis of their success as the first idea that crosses their mind is not worth them.

The family circle is very important, they feel protective of them. They love the peace and quiet of home.

If you are cancer, do not hesitate, having a sapphire stone will help you. In this case the ringDeep sea It will be your best ally, oval size, intense dark blue and it will help you to enhance your imagination and empathy.

deep sea


March 21 to April 20.

People full of positivity and energy, they do not stand still and are unable to sit, they always have some idea that they have to carry out. Their greatest virtue is that the glass is always half full for them, they like to lead and lead the group towards their set goals and if something stands out about them, it is that the adventure does not end until they achieve it.

For them, their best companion is a blue topaz, highlighted by its exclusivity and a color that transmits calm and peace that an Aries seeks so much. Choosing a topaz will transmit all the positivism to those people around you.

For all Aries we have the best option the ringAlligator, Its blue stone stands out against the 18 kt yellow gold that will make you can't stop looking at it.



September 23 to October 22.

They fight for justice and equality, one of their weaknesses is the art where they seek serenity, it is strong in the face of adversity. They are kind and caring.

A stone whose main characteristic is protection is smoky quartz. It will help provide the security Libras seek. In Dlujo we have the perfect ring, AVA,a combination made for Libras, its dark brown stone will attract balance, emerald will help you find tranquility, intuition and yellow attracts knowledge.

 As we have said in Dlujo we have the perfect ring to highlight all the qualities of the Libra..



 February 20 and March 20

It is the most dreamy sign, it has a great imagination. It is difficult for them to express their feelings, they are very introverted, their friendships are few, but very true, they know how to choose very well and with their friends they are patient and kind.

They are people who are very loved by their environment, they give off great confidence towards others due to their affectionate and friendly character.

The stone that most joins this zodiac sign is the Ruby since they are people who give off love for all its facets. In Dlujo we have the Zircon Garnet, which you will not be able to miss. This stone set in the ring goes unnoticed Perseids,that will not let any Pisces go unnoticed.





 April 21 to May 21

If you are looking for an honest person, that is Taurus, in turn they are patient people, since they need to feel safe to take the first step towards the goal. They have the biggest heart you can ever see and their greatest virtue is that all the love they give off is for others.

They are sensual and likes to be attracted to someone, always in short, but safe steps. That is why a stone with a color so characteristic with its qualities like rose quartz corresponds to them.

At Dlujo we have the best ring for all Taurus, thel trinity ring, composed of rose quartz that will protect you from all violence helping to increase your confidence.

With the composition of the ring trinity You will feel with the handsome uploaded every day, there will be nothing that will put you ahead with what you cannot.





October 24 to November 22

Their great adaptability is what makes them invincible in the face of any adversity, they are strong and independent, their character makes them love to face challenges, overcoming each time.

It is one of the most intense signs, if not the most. Therefore, amethyst or Zircon Amethyst is the stone that most resembles them. It is an intense violet color, a stone that highlights its qualities, and we have the perfect ring, the ring Violett, a combination of two colors purple and light green in square and triangular cut, which help to highlight all the capabilities of Scorpio.




November 23 to December 22

Adventure can not be missing in your life, your greatest fear is monotony. His passion is traveling and discovering new places.

In working with restrained people, they do not like to stand out despite being very wise, studious and constant people. Its character is peaceful, that is why it is related so much to blue quartz, which due to its turquoise color gives off tranquility.

This stone will give Sagittarians an extra dose of peace in their days. The ringArtiaIt is the perfect one, its stones are the perfect complement, in blue and light pink teardrop cut, pastel colors that make seeing this ring transmit peace.




August 24 to 22September

Perfectionists, they always remain firm with their feet on the ground, their decisions are made under hours of reflection, they have a great capacity for analysis. They are detail-oriented and love animals.

He likes purity, that is why zirconia is his stone, the beauty and shine that this stone gives off perfectly represents the soul of any Virgo.

In Dlujo we have the perfect ring,, ICE, all its baguett-cut zircons make this piece shine much more. It will make Virgo highlight your beauty and naturalness much more.

Look at all of ourcollectionIce, you are going to love it.



May 21 to June 21. 

Geminis highlights their security, makes them see both sides of the coins and knows how to make the right decision. Their initiative makes them restless and they are strong in the face of any adversity.

He believes in love at first sight and in luck, that is why his color is without hesitation green. Whoever dares a lot with green loves himself. That is why at Dlujo we have the ring and when I talk about the ring it is because I know it is the perfect one, an oval cut olivine green stone set in 18 kts rose gold with three microns thickness. The ringillo Crownperfect for Geminis.




His sociable character makes him well liked, he is ambitious in his day-to-day life and does not settle for the first thing he meets.  His independent personality means that he does not block in the face of adversity and that he always finds an ingenious solution. Although many times his fears cause him to crash, but he never gives up.

Its own name gives us clues, its stone is the aquamarine blue zirconia, this stone will bring you wisdom and peace in the moment when things are bad.

The ringAtlanticby Dlujo is the perfect piece for Aquarians, a daring piece finished in black rhodium, with aquamarine circular cut stones and lilac touches. This will help Aquarians to seek peace of mind..










Isabel Peña
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