Definition of algazara ': noise, shouting of people who are happy or having fun. The word uproarhas the meaning of "noise of many voices together" and comes from Hispanic Arabicto gazarah: "abundance".

 The new summer collection of Dlujo Jewels it is precisely that. Happiness from amalgamation. Lots of bright colors come together making a nice noise. A noise that likes. Colors that are not always seen together come together inpending, onrings and innecklaces to celebrate the summer of 2021, long awaited by all.

It's like those friends who get together after a year and a half without seeing each other. They have not been together for so long, that they no longer seem even friends, but between them, they form a beautiful and full of fun, trust and affection. Is hehere and now. Enjoy the summer, the sun and the company.

In 'Algazara' we can find that mix of friends and colors in its vibrant blues, turquoise, pinks, oranges and greens. As always,quality is a sign of Dlujo, together with the design, and each of the pieces is made of 925 thousandth sterling silver with different finishes (18-carat yellow gold plating, rhodium, rose gold, etc.). And, as is tradition in the firm, thezirconscomplete the difference and elegance in the collection.




Among the colors that attract the most attention are an intense pink combined with green, reminiscent of the dracenas , the palm trees that, like this collection, go out of the ordinary combining a beautiful pink in their thin and long leaves.




Carey Ring,cyca ringYObelia earrings


Algazara is, in short, it is, joy . The beauty. The color. Summer nights. The smell of freedom. What we have longed for for so long: life as we remember it.