We have made it possible for a universal symbol to take shape, and thanks to combining it at Sibela Studio with the precious metals with which we work in an artisan way , we have been able to create a perfect jewel that serves as an amulet to attract good luck.

Áine bracelet - bracelet - heart - rope - red

We tell you how this happened:

Who is not afraid of the unknown, the uncontrollable, the forces superior to changes or simply our boss, who has our salary and well-being in his hands.

Well, September for me is the start of the year - “team September” - but like many, there is always an existential crisis back to the routine , changes arrive and faced with it... who at this point does not have a jewelry box in their jewelry box ? piece that, unintentionally, has become the amulet of important days , or that we simply invoke to change our luck. Call it faith, fascination, or just plain despair, but we all have that piece.

Now, at Sibela Studio we were not going to be less and we wanted to have the perfect piece that would attract good luck and a connection with love, friendship, truth, protection, EVERYTHING. So that you go stomping down the street with those 12 cm heels knowing that not today, today you will not be the one who will sprain your ankle.

aine bracelet purchase red string stone heart cut bracelet

The first time we released it , they sold out in a matter of hours and we realized that we were right, you are one of ours. The Áine bracelet is here to stay.

The "red thread" is a powerful symbol that remains in different cultures, beliefs and customs throughout the years. It represents strength, protection, good luck and connection.

It is an amulet capable of absorbing and repelling negative energies and attracting positive ones.

Its 4 mm heart-cut stone held by three prongs makes it even more special, it comprises between 57 and 58 facets, it is considered a cut derived from brilliant and it is one of the most complex to cut so that it has a clean and smooth appearance.

It symbolizes and attracts pure and true love.

How and where to wear a red string bracelet.

It is best to carry it on the left arm (this is the receiving side of the body and soul and also directly connected to the heart), through which a vital connection is established with the protection of energy.

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Isabel Peña