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STONES: Natural stones.


We present you the magnificent Ale earrings from our emblematic Zahara collection . Delicately finished in a warm yellow tone , these exceptional earrings are embellished with exquisite natural stones in an intense and passionate green color . Their generous 30mm diameter makes them a true statement of style and elegance .

Each green natural stone that adorns the Ale earrings contains a unique and significant story within itself. These stones symbolize renewal , growth and connection with nature . They represent vitality and balance, reminding you of the importance of honoring your roots while venturing towards new horizons. They are a constant reminder of the beauty and serenity found in the natural world, inviting you to connect with your surroundings and find harmony in your life.

The stud closure on these earrings ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to wear them with confidence to every occasion. Ale earrings are an expression of your personality, reflecting your courage and passion in every detail.

At Sibela Studio, we are passionate about creating jewelry that transcends time and trends . Each piece of our Zahara collection is made with dedication and artisan mastery in our workshop in Spain. We use selected natural stones , ensuring that each hoop is a unique and special work of art.

Past and future in Ale earrings.

    jewelry care

    At Sibela Studio , all the jewels are made of 925 thousandth sterling silver finished with a gold or rhodium plating.

    To keep your jewelry in perfect condition, we share some tips to keep in mind.

    1. Avoid contact with chemical products : It is important not to apply perfume, alcohol or other chemical products directly on the jewels , since these products can damage the gold layer that covers them.
    2. Avoid contact with water : Gold-plated jewelry should not be in contact with water, as prolonged contact can cause the gold plating to wear and deteriorate.
    3. Store your jewelry properly : It is important to store your jewelry in a safe place, away from moisture and direct sunlight. You can keep them in a cloth bag or jewelry box to keep them protected.
    4. Clean your jewelry regularly : To keep your gold-plated silver jewelry clean and shiny, you can use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. You can also use a soft brush and a little warm water with neutral soap to gently scrub the surface of the jewelry, then rinse it with clean water and dry it with a soft, dry cloth.
    5. Humidity and sweat can negatively affect gold-plated jewelry, so it is recommended not to wear it while doing strenuous physical activities or excessively exposed to water or sweat. In case the jewels come into contact with moisture or sweat, it is important to clean them with a soft, dry cloth to avoid the accumulation of residues that could damage the gold plating.
    Returns & Exchanges

    At Sibela Studio , we want you to be completely happy and confident with your purchase . That's why we offer options to make sure you find the perfect jewelry for you. If you need to change the size of your jewel , don't worry, you can do it as many times as you want until it is perfect . And if you change your mind and prefer another jewel, you can do it too.

    Also, we know that sometimes things don't go as planned. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase , don't worry. You can return your jewelry without any problem within the next 14 days from when you received it.

    Sibela Studio

    At Sibela Studio we take the making of our jewelry very seriously, and we strive to offer a unique and exclusive collection in our workshop in Spain . We make each piece of jewelry by hand , using top quality materials and paying attention to every detail. In this way, each piece is unique and special , complying with our high standards of quality and excellence .

    In our " Zahara " collection by Sibela Studio , each jewel is made with carefully selected semi-precious gems one by one, which guarantees the exclusivity and uniqueness of each piece.

    In addition, we use traditional jewelry techniques that allow us to create unique designs with perfect finishes . Each jewel is a work of art that reflects our passion for jewelery and our commitment to quality and perfection .



    Gold plating is a coating technique that consists of depositing a layer of 18 kt gold on a 925 thousandth sterling silver base , without the presence of any other intermediate material. This process makes it possible to obtain pieces of jewelry with a high quality gold finish , shine and durability.

    In our store, we pride ourselves on using noble and hypoallergenic materials to create our products. This means that all our jewelry is carefully designed and crafted to ensure the highest quality and maximum safety for our customers' skin. In this way, they can be sure that our jewelry is comfortable and safe to wear for long periods of time, without causing allergies or skin irritation.

    In addition, by using high-quality materials, we ensure that our jewelry maintains its shine and elegance over time.


    Rhodium is a precious and exclusive metal that belongs to the platinum group , characterized by its unmatched brilliance and whiteness. Despite its scarcity in nature, rhodium has become one of the most desired materials in the jewelry world due to its durability and resistance to tarnish . In fact, rhodium is so strong that it is used in the manufacture of automobile electrodes and catalytic converters.

    In the world of fine jewelry , rhodium is used as a final coating to give white gold pieces a brilliant white finish . This not only enhances the beauty of the jewel , but also protects it from corrosion and the natural wear and tear of daily use. For this reason, any jewel with a rhodium plating is synonymous with quality and elegance .

    At Sibela Studio , we understand the importance of rhodium in creating unique and long-lasting jewelry . That is why we apply a rhodium plating to all our sterling silver jewelry with a white finish , to ensure that they maintain their shine and elegance for a long time.

    We pride ourselves on offering high-quality, durable jewelry at affordable prices, so you can wear your Sibela jewelry with confidence and style.