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  • Anillo de tres piedras en plata de 1ª ley 925 recubierta en oro amarillo de 18 Ktes con tres micras de espesor. Sus dos gemas Olivinas laterales en talla triangular hacen que resalte la gema central Amatista, haciendo de esta pieza una de las preferidas para los eventos especiales.
  • anillos dlujo web VIOLETT web producto imagen noad v1
  • anillos dlujo web VIOLETT web producto imagen noad v1
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The Violett ring It is composed of three stones and made of 1st Law 925 silver. Finished with 18K yellow gold Vermeil plating, 3 microns thick. Its two lateral peridot green zircons in a triangular cut make the central stone of intense amethyst color stand out with its own light, making this piece one of the favorites for special events.s.


The Vermeil Plating is a 18 kts gold coating. on sterling silver of 925 thousandths with a minimum thickness of 25 microns, without any other material between them. This plating is the highest thickness applied to jewelry, so we can guarantee that with the passage of time or use, the jewelry will not lose its color and luster, maintaining the same unalterable appearance as if it had been made in solid gold. ..

DLujo applies the Vermeil plating in its highest collections, made in sterling silver and finished in yellow or rose gold.a


We think, create and design hand-finished jewelry. Unique pieces made by hand with top quality materials, which, together with the gems, make this DLujo collection from Sibelaa be exclusive.


In SIBELA all changes in Spain are free, you can change the size as many times as you want until you find yours, or change for the product that you like the most. You can also return your jewelry without problem within the next 15 calendar days from when you receive your order.





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