There are people who have an indisputable accessory, an obvious winner, that goes with the look that goes, always wins. It can add a distinguished touch to a basic outfit, raise an even greater dress for an event, or simply bring light to your day to day. At Dlujo we have it clear: we talk about theLyrid earrings . 


These earrings have become Dlujo seal and icon:¡every time they are published on the web, they are sold out in a matter of minutes! Made in his workshop in Zaragoza, in sterling silver of 925 thousandths and finished in a rhodium bath, this piece is folded with white zircons generating a delicate shower of gems.


The founder of the firm, Isabel Peña, has proven that the Lyrides are the perfect complement to any special occasion. We imagine that she is not the only one who thinks this, seeing the success they have…


The Lyrid They will become the essential accessory for social events and your day-to-day life, brightening up any look and making us forget for a minute that we are wearing a mask: they will attract all the attention.

pendiente liridas


Lyrid Earrings (86))



Isabel Peña