Do you want to know why there are different types of plating? In this little blog, we explain you what is Vermeil plating and why you should choose it .

El Vermeil Plated is a coating of 18 kts. sterling gold on 925 thousandths sterling silver with a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns, without any other material between them. This plating is the thickest that is applied in jewelry so we can guarantee that with the passage of time or use, the jewel will not lose its color and luster, maintaining the same appearance as if it had been made of solid gold.

D´Lujo applies the Vermeil plating in its highest collections, manufactured in sterling silver and finished in yellow or pink gold

chapo vermeil

Rhodium is a metal of the platinum group, very rare, very white and very resistant to wear,

even if you are surprised by rhodium, it is one of the most expensive metals in the world due to its scarcity, the price of rhodium is much higher than gold or platinum.

In high jewelry is used mainly to give a final bath to all pieces made of white gold, so any jewelry that carries a bath of this metal will have a very white color, shine more and remain unchanged to corrosion.

D´Lujo applies a rhodium bath in all its jewels made of sterling silver with a white finish.

baño de rodio

Isabel Peña


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— Alicia

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— Beatriz Muñoz Muñoz