At Sibela Studio we know that jewelery is an important part of fashion and can add a touch of elegance, sophistication and style to any outfit. This season, jewelry fashion trends are focused on simplicity and delicacy, and we love that !

Personally, I am a fan of the minimalist and understated jewelry trend , but once in a while I lose a nice ring with a big stone ! These striking pieces full of personality have a special charm and can become the center of attention of any sober look. Who doesn't want to shine once in a while?


As for the materials, sterling silver is the king of this season. Whether finished in a white or yellow gold bath , we find more and more silver jewelery in our jewelery boxes . And it doesn't surprise us! The versatility of this material and its attractive price make it a perfect option for those looking for quality jewelry without having to spend a fortune.

Plus, we're seeing jewelry in softer shades of pink and gold , adding a romantic, feminine touch to any outfit. And we can't forget the trendy colors of this season! Coral , bubblegum pink, lime green and magenta are the trend for spring 2023 and the pantone color of the year , as we told you in our previous blog, although they seem difficult colors to combine, they will actually help you create impressive looks.


Hoop earrings and geometric -shaped jewelry pieces are also in style , providing a touch of sophistication and modernity . But don't worry if these aren't your favorite styles! The most important thing is that you find pieces that make you feel comfortable and reflect your personality and style .

So if you are looking for a touch of elegance and sophistication for your daily looks, I recommend that you try some of the jewelry fashion trends this season. But don't stop there! Tell us in the comments which trends you like the most and which ones you think are not for you.

Make your jewelry speak for you!
Isabel Peña