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Nazaré earrings are perfect to wear every day, an elegant and timeless design. It is named after a delicate and fine wave. Made of sterling silver 925 thousandths finished with an 18 kt yellow gold bath.

Its matte side finish emulates the foam that a large wave makes when breaking, allowing it, together with the sun, to create those golden effects.

With a length of 20 mm and a width of 18.5 mm. Love at first sight!


We think, create and design hand-finished jewelry. Unique pieces made by hand with top quality materials, which, together with the gems, make this Mangata collection by Sibela exclusive and full of volumes.


In SIBELA all changes in Spain are free, you can change the size as many times as you want until you find yours, or change for the product that you like the most. You can also return your jewelry without problem within the next 15 calendar days from when you receive your order.