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Nature's secret canvas is found in this Sibela collection, where different colors encapsulate a new beginning. A secret paradise is found among the shades of these earrings. Some exclusive pieces that reflect strength, joy, courage, passion and sweetness. Perfect to combine them with each other. Made of 1st law 925 thousandths silver and finished with an 18-carat yellow gold bath covered by enamel on the part of the link.

They are sold per unit, price per single earring


Gold plating is a coating of 18 kts first-law gold. on sterling silver of 925 thousandths, without any other material between them.


We think, create and design hand-finished jewelry. Unique pieces made by hand with top quality materials, which, together with the gems, make this D'Lujo de Sibela collection exclusive.


In SIBELA all the changes in Spain are free, you can change the size as many times as you want until you get yours right, or change for the product you like the most. You can also return your jewelry without any problem within the next 14 calendar days from when you receive your order.

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